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Mental health in the workplace – the next wellness movement

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Pilot Office Space - Trialing New Ways of Working

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Pilot Workspace Trial

Trialing new ways of working

Pilot Workspace Trial


Design & Space Planning

Professional services
10,000 sq ft
8 weeks
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The 10,000 sq ft pilot space set in amongst the existing larger workplace set out to trail alternative ways of working and initiate a workplace transformation process. Derived from the analytics of an in depth workplace consultancy study, the pilot space design incorporated activity based working strategies and a more porous approach between client and working areas to further embellish elements of openness embedded in the clients brand. In accommodating activity based working strategies, both contemplative and collaborative spaces were provided to enable employee’s choice in work setting.  Informal soft seating areas create pockets of informal space, while focus rooms support teams to execute project requirements in a more enclosed and acoustically treated space.

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In order to create an apportioned opportunity for comparison, a formal style meeting room reflective of the client’s history has been finished in a fresh interpretation of the client’s brand, moving away from maroon and dark green with heavy mahogany accents, to a lighter palette of sage greens, blush and oak timbers. The design of the pilot space took a collaborative effort, working alongside the client and workplace consultants. The AIS design team continue to work in close collaboration with the team in conducting post occupancy evaluations of the space, measuring the space usage, productivity levels and assessing cultural alignment in order to find the working styles and practices that best compliment the company into the future.






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