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Mental health in the workplace – the next wellness movement

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Pilot Office Space - Trialing New Ways of Working

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Workplace Consultancy

We take the time to get to know you, analysing your organisation’s dynamics to formulate strategies for how everyone can work smarter, and use what we find to create a bespoke workplace design concept.

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The way we approach every workplace design is incredibly in depth and hands-on. We immerse ourselves in your business and culture, paying particular attention to the psychology of work and your people to enable them to perform at their best. Every detail is delved into; short and long-term headcount, working practises, IT and infrastructure, as well as your brand image. The goal of the study is to create bespoke workplace solutions that complement and enhance your ways of working. What we uncover then helps us understand how your business operates today and, even more importantly, the changes needed to work more effectively in the future.

Changing established ways of working is a team effort, and our experience tells us that simply knowing that your organisation needs a workplace design change isn’t enough to make it happen. That’s why AIS works with your leaders to build the ‘Case for Change’ – a proposal to ease the transition and get the new workplace strategy accepted throughout the organisation. This change management practice is an essential part of implementing agile working and transition planning process. What’s more, a consistent AIS Project Team from start to finish ensures your peace and mind every step of the way and, we believe, a better workplace design as a result.